I purchased this unit from an electrical tech at Analogique in New York City in 1981. At the time he installed a ss diode in place of the tube rectifier. The unit has recently been gone through electronically, and is as clean as it can be. The unit was brought back to original specifications as closely as possible. The circuit was brought back to original, with tube rectification once agin used. There was no cosmetic change made to the deck during the first procedure, nor during the second procedure to remove it.

I had originally intended the unit for my own use, but can't bear the thought of changing out all the rear RCA's to accommodate my much larger cables. I will revert to a Cat or something of that ilk once again. This unit has oodles of gain, and when I briefly used the unit several years ago, I ran a MC through it without additional gain being needed.

Cosmetically the unit is in very good to excellent condition. It is not mint, (I don't use the term 'near mint') but very clean. There appears to be a recent hairline scratch on the front. I imagine as a result from the last hand carry in my trunk to the tech and back. So it goes! I have tried to document all the flaws as clearly as possible. The edges are rather clean, and were protected by cardboard when packed and transported. The hairline scratch is not as visible as in the photo, and I had to extned the contrast to show it. From one angle it is visible. Head on it is invisible. The corner marks can be removed. I will do some light filing if the buyer wants me to. Personally, I would leave them and ignore them. There is the second minor abrasion that is circled in the photo. The lettering is all intact on the faceplate, and very crisp. The rear deck where the connections are made has app. 40% lettering loss on some of the input pots, of course only visible when connecting the cables. I assume the original owner from whom the first tech obatianed the unit actually had the audacity to place his or her hands on their hi-fi. I believe there will be a place in limbo reserved for them for not having known his unit was going to be a prized collector's piece.

The cabinet is in excellent condition. I photshopped the right rear in order to show the dings at the rear top. The cabinet is not green and grey. It was the only way that I could bring out the nicks (the two small white marks) with my photo equipment. I will redo the corner for no cost if the buyer wants. It will take some time though. Again, I suggest you ask your guests to sit in front of the speakers and equipment rack; as difficult as that can be for hi-fi nuts and their nosy friends.

The tubes are all good. There is a mix of quality tubes in the unit. All good. What was in there for me to use, is there for you. I have not gone tube picking through the unit. There is a reversible modification made to the unit. Notice the brown AC shorting plug at the rear. It interrupts the AC's path to the on/off switch on the front, which has been disconnected. This keeps the AC away from the audio path. A cord with an in-line rocker switch that controls one leg of the circuit (the type used on bed lamps, etc.) can be insterted for remote operation. I believe this is the best solution. I never plug associated equipmenty into the pre-amp, as it adds more AC garbage to the signal and creates minor current fluctuations. Originally the tech used the contour switch on the front panel to control the on/off function. And even though Eico uses a similar switch, I didn't like the solution. I beleive the wiring is still there, but disconnected. I will have to ask the tech. Any reversals can be addressed by the buyer, or I will take care of them prior to shipping, but please expect a small delay. I can't seem to find the original rubber feet. I will look into my box of goodies and find some very nice substitutes with appropriate screws.

I will ship in two separate boxes - as it came from the factory.